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Uniquely Yours

Paintings can be very personal, evoking emotions and memories all at once. My journey in the creative process is influenced by a deep passion for colour, loosely and intuitively at first, guided by how the painting leads and makes suggestions as the ideas develop.


As the colours change, through considered marks, and playful experimentation whilst adjusting the layers, the direction becomes refined and bones of the painting start to emerge. Preserving the soul and energy within the painting takes precedence towards the end, and I allow for space to feel if the painting is complete.


Do get in touch to create something unique to your experience, and your space. 

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Your space, your way

My experimental approach to design is always an exploration of colour, textures and composition. I enjoy combining print and design techniques, often resulting in unique, and one-off pieces.

Whether you'd like an existing product in a custom size, specific stock requests, or perhaps a bespoke design, do get in touch to discuss.

Print & Pattern Design

From bespoke prints or murals, to re-working old designs, the approach and process aim to create eye-catching design solutions to suit your needs.


Print designs are provided as high resolution, print-ready layered files in your choice of forma, with colour separations and full repeats

on request..

Do get in touch to discuss your project.

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A print design graduate from The Glasgow School of Art, Natasha has a deep love for colour and exploring texture and form. Her practice intentionally blurs the line between abstract art and print design, allowing her to create with an experimental approach.

Having earned the Pupils Choice Award for Design for her graduating year, she went on to work as a freelance designer, selling her designs at Premier Vision in Paris and pursuing personal projects, including her love for mixed media abstract painting. Since then, she has produced and sold artwork and gifting collectibles through markets, stockists and galleries.

Natasha works independently from her studio, based in Oxfordshire. Commissions, collaborations and enquiries are most welcome. 

Contact Me

I'll be in touch soon!

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